'We can't allow my son's murderer to keep smiling'

Devora Gonen, who's son Danny was murdered in a terror attack, laments state of terrorist prosecution and punishment in Israel.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Devora Gonen in court
Devora Gonen in court
Photo: Yonatan Sindell/Flash 90

Devora Gonen, mother of Danny Gonen who was murdered a year ago in a terror attack, appeared on the "Holam Haboker" TV show on Channel 2 this morning (Tuesday) following the court hearing yesterday in which she confronted her son's murderer.

Gonen, this morning:

"I stood there in court yesterday and could hardly breathe. My heart rate skyrocketed. After all the previous hearings we went home frustrated because the terrorist was still smiling. Well, yesterday he wasn't smiling anymore. It just can't be that a terrorist murders my son and continues to smile."

In response to host Avri Gilad's question of how she thinks we can prevent the next murder Gonen said: "We have to pay attention to what goes on in the prisons. Do these terrorists really deserve perfect living conditions? Satellite TV, meat platters, and all other manner of goodies. Are these part of basic living standards!? These people murder us and then live off us."

Gonen then turned to what she thinks of the far-left organizations. "The radical leftist organizations represent the terrorists in court. Do we bereaved families have to fight tooth-and-nail to make sure the murderers pay the highest possible price!? Haven't we sacrificed enough!?

"If the government's policy was much harsher we wouldn't be in this situation today. I'll make sure the terrorist pays the highest price. We should give terrorists the death penalty."

CEO of the "Im Tirtzu" movement Matan Peleg, who has been representing the Gonen family in its fight against the terrorist, told media that "a reality in which a terrorist who murdered Jews sits in the jail living the good life and enjoying all kinds of benefits is a continuing theater of the absurd. It's just intolerable that on the one hand you have a broken family fighting to hold on to its sanity every day, and one the other hand you have a luxury-living terrorist murderer who enjoys free meals, parties at the canteen, satellite TV and workouts. A situation in which it pays to murder a Jew more than to steal his car is a deep moral and systematic flaw and we need to take care of it ASAP. The Im Tirtzu movement will fight this phenomenon with everything we have until a stop is put to this illicit party."