Cameraman attacked by infiltrators in Tel Aviv

During filming, a Channel 20 cameraman was attacked by illegal infiltrators in South Tel Aviv. One of them kicked the reporter's stomach.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Channel 20 cameraman attacked in southern Tel Aviv
Channel 20 cameraman attacked in southern Tel Aviv
Photo: Channel 2

A cameraman for Channel 20 was violently attacked by several illegal infiltrators in a park in South Tel Aviv.

The cameraman, Benny Dagan, who was in the area for a story, arrived at the De Modena Park in the Shapira neighborhood of South Tel Aviv. Some youth on the premises got closer to him, demanding that he leave.

Seconds later, they starting attacking Dagan violently; one even kicked him in the stomach.

"I got to the park after I had finished filming nearby for an interview. I started collecting pictures from the nearby area, including the Park. Several minutes later, some youth approached me, some infiltrators and some speaking Arabic, and told me in Hebrew 'don't film.' I didn't even have enough time to pack up, when they pushed me and kicked me in the stomach."

The cameraman retreated and called the police. Several minutes later, police arrived on the scene and were able to take the details of only some of the attackers.

"Police got details on some of the attackers, because the rest fled the scene," Dagan related. He also noted that police didn't arrest a single one of the attackers, but only removed them from the area.

The cameraman filed a complaint with police, who have started an investigation. Channel 20 strongly condemned the attack, and demanded that Police arrest the attackers immediately and make sure that justice is served.