Hidabrut to host Tisha B'av marathon

Lecture marathon on Hidabrut website to include talks from Chief Rabbis of Israel & other popular speakers, in English, Hebrew, and French.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Tisha b'Av at Kotel
Tisha b'Av at Kotel
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Hidabrut.com will be broadcasting a worldwide live marathon this Sunday (Tisha B'Av). Featuring 50 Rabbis, in 3 languages, from 4 locations across the globe. Popular speakers will include, The Chief Rabbis of Israel, Rabbi Zamir Cohen, Rabbi Yitzchok Grosman, Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb and many more world renowned lecturers from Israel, New York and France.

The marathon is being organized In cooperation with the Ohr Somayach yeshiva and Chazaq radio.

The webcast event's organizers encourage people who wish to more deeply connect with the meaning of Tisha B'av to take part in the lecture marathon:

"Don’t spend this important fast day just waiting for it to be over. This year, it’s never been easier to get inspired and connect to the Temple and its contemporary meaning for us!

"Pick and choose from a large number of videos that will touch your soul and bring you to yearn for the Third Temple. Don’t let this Tisha B’Av pass without getting inspired."

Hidabrut, the outreach organization whose web site has been credited with "causing a revolution in bringing Jews back to Judaism" bills the event as "another innovative program to bring Judaism to the masses."

The Tisha B’Av Marathon will include lectures by 50 rabbis, 4 live stream locations, and lectures and videos in 3 languages - Hebrew, English and French.

The webcast event can be seen on the Hidabrut website from 9:00 am this coming Sunday, Tisha B'av.

For the live stream go to: http://www.hidabrut.com/article/177962