10 arrested at demonstration in Ashkelon

Police claim right-wing protesters hurled stones at police during demonstration against terrorist receiving treatment in Israeli hospital.

Shlomo Pyotrovsky , | updated: 10:24 PM

Police claim stones hurled during demonstration in Ashkelon
Police claim stones hurled during demonstration in Ashkelon
Police spokesperson

Ashkelon police arrested 10 demonstrators Tuesday evening during a protest authorities say turned violent, with at least some participants allegedly hurling stones at police.

The protest, held outside of the Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon, included members of the Otzma Yehudit party and Lehava anti-assimilation organization. The event was held to express participants’ opposition to the treatment of an Arab terrorist holding a hunger strike.

In the course of the protest, police say some demonstrators began throwing stones at police and attack officers monitoring the event.

Police say they took seven protesters into custody for the alleged attacks.

Along with seven demonstrators arrested during the protest, police also arrested three local youths following the demonstration, charging them with disturbing the peace and interference with police activity.

Following the arrests the Honenu organization released a statement saying that incident was under investigation and that the group’s lawyers were checking the status of those arrested.