ISIS is coordinating attacks in Europe

27 year-old Harry Sarfo, who is in prison in Germany for joining ISIS, retells what he heard from ISIS commanders to the New York Times

Rachel Kaplan ,

Screenshot from an ISIS propaganda video
Screenshot from an ISIS propaganda video

In an interview with the New York Times, German-born Harry Sarfo warned that ISIS sent him back to Europe as a sleeper cell for terror.

Sarfo drove four straight days from his home in Bremen to join ISIS in 2015.

When he arrived, he was surprised to discover that ISIS didn't want him there.

Instead, masked members of the Emni intelligence division charged him and another German to return home, and commit acts of terror in the name of ISIS. Emni acts as an internal police force and external operations branch for ISIS.

“He was speaking openly about the situation, saying that they have loads of people living in European countries and waiting for commands to attack the European people,” Mr. Sarfo recalled Monday, in an interview with New York Times. “And that was before the Brussels attacks, before the Paris attacks.”

“They said, ‘Would you mind to go back to Germany, because that’s what we need at the moment’.

“And they always said they wanted to have something that is occurring in the same time: They want to have loads of attacks at the same time in England and Germany and France.”

The men explained that there had been many recruits for the UK and Germany, but they had "chickened out" before committing any attacks.

When he asked about the state of French terrorism, the ISIS members began to laugh. "Don't worry about France."

Sarfo, who is currently serving time in a maximum-security prison near Bremen, says that hundreds of terrorists have "definitely" returned to Europe.

Sarfo explained that he left the ISIS caliphate after three months of witnessing the brutality there.