PA TV deletes handshake between soldier, Arab boy

PA Television deletes handshake between IDF soldier and the Arab boy sent to die by his father.

Hillel Fendel ,

Father urges soldiers to shoot son during protest
Father urges soldiers to shoot son during protest

The official Palestinian Authority television station screened on Monday the now-famous video of an Arab father who sent his son to be shot by IDF soldiers – but it edited out one of the main parts, and then lied about its existence.

The father sent his 4-year-old son to the soldiers carrying a PA flag, and yelled at the soldiers, "Kill him! Shoot him! After all, you always do that to small children!"

As the confused boy neared the soldiers, one of them put out his hand to shake the boy's hand - and the boy gave him a high-five. When the father then yelled at the boy to pick up rocks and throw them at the soldiers, the boy awkwardly threw one or two in a different direction.

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reports that the PA TV version of the video not only omits the handshake, but the announcer lies outright about it. He declares that the boy, "who has yet to reach the age of five, also knows, despite his young age, that it is forbidden to shake hands with the soldiers, just as it is forbidden to make peace with them."

The edited version shows the soldier reaching out to the boy – at which point the video freezes, and continues a few seconds later. Those few seconds include the boy shaking hands with or high-fiving the soldier, but the PA viewers don't get to see that. Instead, they get to hear the lie that the boy refused to shake the soldier's hand.

PA Television and other official PA organs constantly sing the praises of terrorists who have murdered Israelis, or who attempted to do so – but, as PMW reports, "official PA TV did not want its viewers to see a friendly handshake between a young Palestinian child and an Israeli soldier, so they distorted the footage."

Both versions of the video can be seen here: