Human chain saves woman from death during flood

During brutal flood in Maryland, locals join hands to create a human chain, saving a woman from impending death.

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Flood (illustrative)
Flood (illustrative)

Last night, a brutal flood in Ellicott City, Maryland killed two people and left more than 100 injured, NBC News reported.

Between 7 and 9 pm, 6 inches of rain fell - the equivalent of the amount of rain that generally falls in a month in that area.

Amidst the destruction, one scene that was captured on camera exemplified bravery and mutual responsibility.

The footage shows a woman stranded in her car in the middle of the heavily flowing water, unable to escape the current.

After one bystander unsuccessfully tries to rescue her by himself, a group of men band together to form a 'human chain,' with one end rooted on dry land and the other reaching to the woman stuck in her car.

In this way, the men succeed in pulling the woman from the flood, saving her from certain death.

NBC News reported that the flood in Ellicott City was part of a series of heavy storms that plagued the eastern coast of the US over the weekend. In North Carolina, lightening struck a 5-year-old boy at the beach; the boy later died of his wounds.