PA cartoon shows hook-nosed Jew menacing Arabs

New cartoon underscores the Palestinian Authority's commitment to incitement against Jews and the use of classic anti-Semitic tropes.

Tal Polon,

Anti-Semitic PA cartoon
Anti-Semitic PA cartoon
Palestinian Media Watch

The watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch has identified an anti-Semitic cartoon published by no less than the Fatah Party's Information and Culture Commission website, underscoring the Palestinian Authority's commitment to anti-Semitic incitement.

In the cartoon, a hook-nosed Jew, representing Israel, is shown about to detonate a big bomb containing two figures, representing the Sunni and Shiite Muslim factions.

In turn, the two Arab factions are shown about to detonate bombs against each other.

The clear implication of the picture is that the Jews are conniving to destroy the Arab world, and are even taking advantage of Arab infighting to achieve their goal.

Palestinian Media Watch has documented scores of anti-Semitic claims by the Palestinian Authority against Jews and the Jewish State.