'We have to ask ourselves some questions'

Rabbis Michel Mark's sister shares insight, in light of Chavi Mark's improving condition and the capture of the murderous terror ring.

Eliran Aharon,

Rabbi Michael Mark with his wife Chava
Rabbi Michael Mark with his wife Chava
Courtesy of the family

Yochi Kalmanzon, the sister of Rabbi Michael Mark, who was recently murdered in front of his children by terrorists while driving his car near Hevron, expressed satisfaction today (Tuesday) in an interview with Arutz Sheva, following the capture of the terror ring that murdered her brother.

Kalmanzon explained that the news of the capture does not bring her "comfort" in the normal sense of the word: "The word 'comfort' is not fitting here. It was an attack that left us feeling threatened, knowing that a terror ring was still on the loose. The fact that they caught them, and that it's clear that they are a ticking bomb for future attacks - it's comforting that the security situation [can] improve, and we hope this is what will happen."

"The security forces did all they could - including during the capture, as army representatives described to us. However, we have to ask questions on the political level. If one of the members of the ring is freed and belongs to the Palestinian Authority- what does that tell policy makers? It's something we have to think about.

If you could convey your feelings to the Prime Minister, what would you tell him?

"We would very much want to feel protected on the roads, and in the community itself. When will we be able to feel like this? When there are no attacks. How can we ensure that there are no attacks? I can pray about this- but I can't advise about it."

How do you deal with the tragedy today?

"Among members of the family, especially the children, there is a lot of strength, and we help each other. Chavi's situation is improving, and we hope that she will return, healthy and whole, as quickly as possible, home- and we request that everyone continue to pray."