'Not all those responsible have been punished'

Family of Rabbi Michael Mark react to arrest of terrorists who murdered him.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Rabbi Michael Mark with his wife Chava
Rabbi Michael Mark with his wife Chava
Courtesy of the family

The family of Rabbi Michael Mark, who was murdered in a terror attack earlier this month, today (Wednesday) published a reaction to the arrest of the Hamas terror cell that perpetrated the attack by the IDF in the early hours of the morning.

"We thank the IDF and the Shin Bet for working day and night to locate the murderers and apprehend them," say the family members.

Yet, as far as they're concerned, not all those who are responsible for the murder have been brought to justice. "We were shocked to hear that it was a terrorist from the Palestinian Authority territories and others who were known to the police. People who had been in jail and then released. We expect an appropriate response to this reality in all areas."

Terrorist Mohammed Fakih, who committed the murder of Rabbi Mark, was apprehended this morning after a long manhunt and exchanges of fire. He was part of a Hamas cell that had planned the attack. The other cell members were also arrested, and the car and weapons used in the attack were also found.