Mengistu's family block terrorists' visitors

The family of Avra Mengistu blocked visits to terrorists in the Southern Prison. 'We will fight with all our strength to free Avra.'

Ido ben Porat ,

Avraham Mengistu's family
Avraham Mengistu's family
Flash 90

The family of Avra Mengistu, currently being held in Gaza by Hamas, and activists working to secure his release demonstrated this morning (Monday) at the entrance of the Southern Jail in the Sharon area, with the aim of pressuring Hamas prisoners by delaying the visits of their families scheduled for this morning.

As the families of the terrorists arrived at the jail, the Mengistu family met them and the Red Cross representatives accompanying them, handing out flyers on which Avra's story was written.

"Despite the fact that Avra is mentally ill and was never a soldier, Hamas continues to hold him and refuses to free him or give information on his whereabouts. You are abusing the defenseless," said the Mengistu family to the families of the terrorists.

During the event, Avra's brother, Ilan, said that "we have come today to convey a message- we will continue to fight with all our strength to free Avra, who is being held prisoner by Hamas, with neither he nor we possessing a clue as to his situation.

"I call on the Minister of the Interior Deri and Minister of Finance Kahlon, who are responsible for means of putting pressure on Hamas, as well as Interior Security Minister Erdan, who proposed the law to cancel visitations to terrorists belonging to organizations that hold Israelis captive, to stop being afraid and stop visits to terrorists, until we can also visit Avra. Avra also has a mother, and she wants to hug her son."