'Sometimes the feelings float up and you lash out'

Former hilltop youth explains how he turned his life around, why he helps Shin Bet stop Israeli attackers.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Pinhas Shandorfi
Pinhas Shandorfi
Channel 10

Pinhas Shandorfi, from the Binyamin community of Nahliel, was arrested for carrying out a number of attacks against Palestinians over the past few years.

They include setting a car on fire, attacking a Palestinian man and throwing rocks. Some of his friends are also accused of throwing a gas grenade into a Palestinian home in the village of Beitillu.

"You grow up in place where your brother was killed yesterday and your neighbor will be murdered tomorrow. It's difficult to live in this setting. Sometimes you're able to stay strong and sometimes if floats up and you lash out. You say, 'Maybe this will stop this feeling of abandonment,'" Shandorfi told Channel 10.

About four months ago, Shandorfi was arrested, along with several of his relatives and friends. Like others before him, he intended to remain silent in the Shin Beit interrogation rooms, but he ultimately opened his mouth and admitted to everything.

The confession was partially out of fear of torture, a fear that resulted from claims by other right-wing detainees. "They try to make you understand that you will remain here forever unless you confess now," one said.

Shandorfi did more than admit to his crimes, though. He also helped the investigators by convincing another suspect to open up. "They told me to tell him to say the truth and that it would be better for him. This is a difficult situation but there's no other way," he recounted.

Today, Shandorfi is 22 years old, married and soon will be a father. He described the transformation from a hilltop youth who went out in the night to burn a Palestinian vehicle to helping the security services stop such criminals. "I don't see these things the way I used to look at them. I'm sorry that it doesn't really help."