'Price tag attackers' released to house arrest

Jewish youths detained by Shin Bet over suspected 'revenge arson' released by Nazareth judge.

Rachel Kaplan ,

The minors under arrest
The minors under arrest

Two of the teenagers suspected of arson attacks in Kfar Yafia have been released to house arrest.

The youths allegedly set cars on fire in the Arab village, in a "price tag" attack in response to a terror attack in Sharona, Tel Aviv, which left four dead. A third boy is facing charges for not stopping the crime.

Today, after an agreement between the two sides, Judge Avraham Avraham, of the District Court of Nazareth released the two to house arrest, on condition that they each wear an electronic tracker.

The two spent the past week first in a Shabak facility, and then in prison. For several days they were denied legal counsel, or visitations from their families.

Attorney Lior Bar Zohar of the Honenu organization, who is representing the pair, wrote in a statement that "we are satisfied that the minors were released to house arrest today. It proves that the efforts of the prosecutors and Shabak to pin serious security crimes on them, which never existed and never will, have failed. "

According to the indictment submitted against them on Tuesday, the minors decided to take revenge for the terror wav, and so armed themselves with spray paint and a bottle of gasoline. After hearing about the attack in Sharona, Tel Aviv, they decided to torch vehicles in Kfar Yafia.

The day after, late at night, the two left Migdal Haemek wearing hoodies and gloves, and carrying a backpack with spray paint cans and gasoline. The two first encountered trucks with the Strauss symbol on them, and since they feared that the trucks belonged to Jews, they continued into the village, arrived at a parking lot, and climbed over its fence.

One of the suspects sprayed on 3 parked trucks the words: "Revenge of the murdered of Tel Aviv," "Revenge," and "price tag." Afterwards, they burnt a car which was parked in the area. The fire caused the car next to it to go up in flames as well, and partial damage to the surrounding area. Afterward, the two returned to Migdal Haemek.

The minors report that they were held under difficult conditions in the Shabak facility, and were refused legal counsel. They described how the interrogators pulled their heads backward, cursed them and spit on them, and threatened to withhold sleep until they confessed.