Bag of cannabis found in Knesset bathroom

'Who's been smoking grass in the Knesset bathroom?'

Tal Polon ,

Cannabis (file)
Cannabis (file)

According to Daphna Liel of Channel 2, a bag of cannabis was found in a bathroom of the Knesset in an area reserved for Knesset members and their aides.

The bag was found by a parliamentary aide, who promptly alerted a Knesset officer and handed over the bag to be checked.

While Liel noted the incident remains a "mystery," it has, in the meantime, set off a string of marijuana jokes on twitter.

Akiva Novik of Channel 2 called the handing-over of the bag a "tragedy," and speculated that the Knesset officer is probably "locked up in his room right now with some gummy bears, Bamba nougat, Dorritos and malawach."