Two Jewish youths indicted for revenge attack

Two Jewish youths indicted in suspected 'price tag' case after Arab cars set on fire in revenge for murderous attack in Sarona market.

Ido ben Porat ,

Car damaged by arson (illustrative)
Car damaged by arson (illustrative)
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Two Jewish minors have been indicted for lighting Arab cars on fire in the village of Kfar Yafiya in retaliation for an attack in Tel Aviv's Sarona market last month that left 4 Jews dead and 16 wounded.

Another minor has been indicted for failure to prevent the fires. The security threat which the three presumably posed, which prevented them from meeting with a lawyer, did not appear in the indictment.

According to the indictment, the two minors decided to take revenge for the string of Arab terror attacks over the past year. For this purpose, they equipped themselves with spray paint and a canister of gasoline. After hearing of the attack at Sarona, they decided to ignite a fire in the village of Kfar Yafiya.

The third minor was indicted for obstruction of justice, after he agreed to keep watch at the entrance of the village on the chance that the two others didn't return within two hours.

The arrest of the two minors has been extended until this Thursday, while the third minor accused of facilitating the crimes was released to house arrest last week.

The three are being represented by Adi Kedar and Bar Zohar of the legal organization 'Honenu.'

Zohar said that "The minors have been held under inhumane conditions for most hours of the day."

"The severe crimes for which they were accused, those related to supposedly being part of a 'terror organization', do not even appear on the indictment. These were added in the beginning in order to prevent a meeting with a lawyer, and this is indeed what happened."

"There is a serious concern that the accused have admitted to crimes they did not commit, after intensive interrogation by the Secret Service, through serious infringement on their rights and without having met with a lawyer," he added.