Breastfeeding hour - for men

New Knesset law aims to encourage men to take a greater share in child-rearing

Tal Polon ,

The happy father and newborn baby in the hospital
The happy father and newborn baby in the hospital
Photo: MDA spokesperson

A new law passed by the Knesset today (Monday) aims to encourage men to take a more significant role in child-raising by changing the already-extant "Breastfeeding Hour" for women to the male-inclusive "Parenting Hour."

Up until now, a woman was entitled to leave work an hour early for the first four months after a birth, in order to spend more time with her baby. The new law, however, allows for this extra parenting time to be split between the mother and the father, upon notification of employer.

MK Rachel Azariah of the Kulanu party, who proposed the law, asserted that the law has benefits for all parties involved.

"The law is good for children, who will enjoy the presence of both parents. It's also good for encouraging equality for women in the marketplace, since women will be able to invest more time at work and raise the kids in cooperation with the fathers. And of course, the law is good for fathers because it allows them to be present in the lives of their children, something in which many fathers are interested," she said.