Haredi Mayor opposes Religious-Zionist Rabbi

In a letter to the Israeli Rabbinate, Mayor of Beitar Illit protests the appointment of a Religious-Zionist Rabbi to the city.

Ben Shaul ,

Beitar Mayor Meir Rubinstein
Beitar Mayor Meir Rubinstein
Photo: Yakov Lederman, Flash 90

In a letter to the Chief Rabbinate, the Mayor of the Beitar Illit municipality, Meir Rubinstein, protested against the Rabbinate's appointment of Rabbi Mordechai Nagari, who is associated with the Religious-Zionist camp, for responsibility over the city's Kosher supervision.

"I would request not to appoint anybody without my permission and that of the Rabbis of the city. It's well-known that Beitar is a Haredi city, and everything needs to be done in coordination with the Rabbis."

He added that it is "out of the question to appoint a Religious-Zionist Rabbi, especially for responsibility over matters of Kashrut and marriage, without agreement from the Rabbis of the city and the Sages of Israel."

In response, the Chief Rabbinate claimed that the appointment of Rabbi Nagari had indeed been done in coordination with, and at the request of, Rabbi Ya'akov Tufik, the current Rabbi of Beitar, who is to retire in the coming days.