'How can you evacuate an entire community?'

Government Minister asks Knesset members why Amona community that stands to be evacuated is any different from other places in Israel

Uzi Baruch ,

International Relations Minister Yuval Steinitz
International Relations Minister Yuval Steinitz
Flash 90

Likud Minister Yuval Steinitz called at the Knesset plenum today (Monday) to normalize the status of Amona, a community in in the Benyamin region north of Jerusalem that stands to be evacuated by the end of the year by order of the Israeli Supreme Court.

"There's a difference between one house that's erected illegally over which ownership is immediately claimed, resulting in its immediate evacuation, and an entire community that's been sitting quietly and then five or ten years later they say it has to be evacuated."

Steinitz asked if something like this would also happen in Tel Aviv. "Amona has been sitting for years on the land; those who can prove ownership of area on that land deserve compensation, but you can't evacuate an entire community--just like you can't in Ra'anana, Kfar Sava or Ramat Aviv [an area of Tel Aviv]."