They traded supper for kitbags and uniforms

Leaving their homes and families, members of the Regev Battalion reservists trained for a week in honor of their country.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Regev battalion reservists
Regev battalion reservists
IDF spokesperson

For the past several days, members of the Regev Battalion woke up at the crack of dawn to practice conquering buildings and dealing with riots - dodging Molotov cocktails and burning tires.

The Regev reservists almost all have families and full lives, but still leave their homes once a year, to fulfill their duty to their country. Israeli soldiers are called back for reserve duty once a year after they finish their obligatory draft, but are allowed to opt out.

In the area of the Baf Lachish base, the reservists practiced storming urban areas, while demonstrating professionalism and determination.

At the end of the week of training, the reservists gathered for a ceremony honoring their best soldiers, with their families cheering them on.

During the ceremony, Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel (Res.) Guy Russo expressed his pride : "I'm excited to see how many members of the battalion came here, I'm excited that I get to observe this week, after you improved your skills and achieved your assignments in the open field, and built under difficult conditions.

"I feel tremendous pride. I am proud to be a part of this nation, and to be a part of the reservists. It is not easy to put your civilian lives aside and leave everything in order to provide security to the State of Israel, to be better ready to fight."

IDF reservists of the Regev Battalion/Photo: IDF