Suspected 'Price Tag' arson in Galilee village

Three youths arrested in suspected 'price tag' arson in northern Arab village.

Shlomo Pyotrokovsky ,

Cars set alight in Yafia
Cars set alight in Yafia
Israel Police

A gang of three Jewish teens were arrested earlier this week in connection with an alleged "price tag" arson attack on an Arab village in northern Israel.

The arson, which police say occurred last month in the village of Yafia (also known as Yafa an-Naseriya) near the town of Nazareth, targeted a vehicle on the outskirts of the village. Graffiti was also found at the scene of the crime, including the phrase "price tag" and calls for revenge against Arabs for recent acts of terrorism.

The three suspects, who included two 16-year olds and a 15-year old, were arrested as part of a joint investigation by Israeli police and the Shin Bet security services.

Police reported that the suspects were, respectively, residents of the northern town of Karmiel, the moshav Balfouria near Nazareth, and Elon Moreh in Samaria.

During interrogation the suspects revealed that they had been planning a "price tag" attack for an extended period as an act of "revenge" for the ongoing terror wave, and finally resolved to carry it out following the deadly terror attack in the Sarona market in Tel Aviv.

(Vandalism in Yafia. Police spokesperson)
(Vandalism in Yafia. Police spokesperson)