Commercial about battered women: 'Brainwashing'

An Israeli TV commercial claims that 1 in 4 women needs shelter from an abusive relationship. Inflated numbers?

Orly Harari ,

Woman (illustration)
Woman (illustration)

An Israeli TV commercial currently broadcasted is claiming that 1 in 4 Israeli women need protection from an abusive relationship.

This means about 700,000 to 800,000 Israeli women are in need of refuge.

According to Gil Ronen, representative for Movement for the Family, the statistic is astronomically inflated. Indeed, on an internet ad for the same cause, the group that put out the TV commercial claims that "700," not "700,000," women, are in need of shelter.

According to Ronit Smadar-Dror, social worker and expert on domestic violence, the true statistics about domestic violence are far different from those that the public is exposed to, with the inflated numbers only serving to create an "atmosphere war between the sexes."

On the other hand, Ruth Resnick, a representative for the group "No to Violence," defended the validity of the statistic, claiming that it is based on a survey taken by the World Health Organization.