Israeli Bedouin teenager breaks into Gaza

Jauma Abu Ganima, a resident from the south, crossed the border before IDF soldiers could stop him, and disappeared into Khan Younis.

Rachel Kaplan ,

Jauma Abu Ganima
Jauma Abu Ganima
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Cleared for publication: the young Bedouin who crossed the border into Gaza yesterday has been identified.

IDF lookouts were shocked to spy a young man climbing the fence yesterday into Gaza, near Habesor River. IDF forces raced to the spot, but he disappeared into Khan Younis before they could get to him in time.

The man has since been identified as Jauma Abu Ganima, a resident of the Negev. Jauma is apparently mentally ill, and it seems that his instability drove him to jump the fence.

Jauma isn't the first Israeli to cross into Gaza. Hamas is currently holding hostage Avra Mengistu, and a Bedouin whose identity is under a gag-order. Both crossed the fence within the past year and a half.

In response to the event, MK Haim Yellin (Yesh Atid) tweeted "Again, we see how easy it is to jump the fence into the Gaza Strip. Since Operation Protective Edge, there have been more than 300 border penetrations into Israel, and 3 into Gaza, yet we still haven't fixed the problem. We need to act before the next attack."