PA Thumbs its Nose at Anti-Incitement Efforts

"In defiance" of Israel and PMW, PA TV host sends "greetings and respect" to four terrorist brothers.

Hillel Fendel ,

Binyamin Netanyahu displays Palestinian incitement to journalists
Binyamin Netanyahu displays Palestinian incitement to journalists
Miriam Alster/Flash 90

A PMW "scoop" on how PA Television honors murderers of Israelis was reported in international media – and PA TV responded by honoring four more murderers, sons of the same proud mother.

Last week, Palestinian Media Watch exposed that a Palestinian Authority TV program named Giants of Endurance had honored the terrorist who brutally murdered Kristine Luken in a forest near Jerusalem in 2010.

The PMW story was reported in the international media, including Fox News and the Daily Mail in Britain – an important achievement in the media struggle to expose the PA's support for, and incitement to, murderous terrorism.

However, the PA was nonplussed by the report, and proceeded the next week to thumb its nose at both PMW and Israel by honoring yet another group of terrorists.

PMW reports now that the official PA TV host of the show announced, "A few days ago there was a campaign of incitement by several of the occupation's websites [a reference to the PMW report] against our program because we visit the prisoners' mothers. The latest was the mother of prisoner Kifah Ghneimat from Hebron [murderer of Kristine Luken] to whom we send our greetings and all our respect, in defiance of the occupation..."

Four additional terrorists were then honored on the show - four brothers serving a total of 18 life sentences in Israeli prisons. Their mother, interviewed on the program, said, "We are proud of them, and we are proud of every Palestinian fighter."

In the murderous attack on Luken in a forest outside Beit Shemesh, tour guide Kaye Susan Wilson was also seriously wounded. She later described in tears how despite this, she played dead and managed to save herself, leaving her friend to die alone.

Ten months before that, in February 2010, Zikhron Yaakov resident Neta Blatt Sorek, 52, was murdered near the Beit Jamal Monastery outside Beit Shemesh. Police originally thought it was a suicide, but later found it was a terrorist murder committed by the members of the same cell that murdered Luken and wounded Wilson.

According to PMW documentation, the Palestinian Authority claims that the murder of Israeli civilians is a "protected Palestinian right" under international law. It accordingly presents the murderers of Israeli civilians as PA heroes, naming sporting events, schools, and streets after them.