A son's emotional goodbye to accident victim

Moshe Dwek, son of Hannah Dwek who was killed in horrific accident, parts from his beloved mother.

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Scene of the accident
Scene of the accident
Police spokesperson

Moshe Dwek, son of Hannah Dwek who was killed in a horrific accident near Hashmonaim yesterday (Tuesday) when a tractor fell off a truck, crushing her and others, wrote an emotional goodbye to his mother on his Facebook page. Dwek wrote about his mother's greatness, expressing disbelief that she was really gone.

"Dearest mother! Look around and see how everyone has come to honor you.

"Moments ago I, your beloved son, accompanied you on your final journey. I, together with my brother and sisters whom you so loved, cared for, supported, and never stopped worrying about, together with masses of the Jewish people who recognized the greatness you kept so hidden, together with our dear pained and bereaved father. Every couple in the world would envy your relationship with father, and the great respect that you accorded him.

"I can't believe it, it still hasn't sunk in.... but I accept God's decree with love. "Blessed is the true Judge", "God giveth, and God taketh away, may His name be blessed."

"Wonderful mother of ours, you never refused us anything, never said no to us for anything in our lives.

"Please go before God and pray for father, for me, for my brothers and sisters, for your brothers and sisters. You, who so worried about your family's unity, pray for the Jewish nation. Implore the Creator of the universe to put an end to our sufferings and bring forth the final redemption soon.

"I love you, dearest mother, we will never forget your character, you will always be a symbol of nobility, integrity, and modesty.

Rest in peace, my dear mother."