Hilltop youth sues police for 30,000 shekels

After being wrongfully arrested, and left in difficult conditions, a small-time citizen strikes back with the help of Honenu.

Rachel Kaplan ,

Hilltop youth building a new community
Hilltop youth building a new community
Omer Messinger/Flash 90

The Honenu organization is suing the police for 30,000 shekel ($7,725), for false arrest and severe violation of the rights of a minor.

The claim follows the decision of District Court Judge Shaul Gabai Richter, who judged the case while the boy was arrested. Judge Richter ruled that the boy should be released unconditionally, given his wrongful arrests and the severe violation of rights he experienced.

The youth was arrested a week and a half ago in Geulat Tzion, a village near Shiloh in southern Samaria, on suspicion of violating a closed military zone order that had been placed on the village, in order to clear the area. He was arrested around 9:30 PM.

By 1:44 in the morning, the police had finished interrogating him, but rather than transfer him to a jail to sleep, he was left there, and slept on a bench in the police station for the rest of the night.

When the police brought him to court in the morning, Judge Richter ordered his release.

Attorney Menashe Yaddo, a representative of the Honenu organization, will handle the case.

"The severity of the actions of the police is increased seven-fold since we are talking about a minor," explains Yaddo in the submitted claim.

He also emphasizes that the case highlights a repeating pattern of arresting youths from so-called "outposts" and severe violations of their rights, which continue despite many criticisms from various courts. In the lawsuit, Yaddo writes that we consider the deterrence factor against the police, which continues to violate arrestees.