Jewish couple murdered in Morocco

Moroccan couple murdered and dismembered in Casablanca. Incident appears unrelated to anti-Semitism.

Chaim Lev ,

Flash 90

A Moroccan couple of Jewish descent were murdered and dismembered at their home in Casablanca, Morocco, last Sunday, Haaretz reported on Saturday night, citing local media.

It appears the murder was not of an anti-Semitic background, however. Police said the two, Sam Tolédano and Vicky Chetrit, were murdered by their gardener, who was said to have admitted to committing the murder due to financial hardship.

The bodies of the couple were found dismembered in different sites in Casablanca, according to Haaretz.

The gardener, identified by the initials M.R., reportedly faced eviction from his home due to his financial issues and had plotted to murder the couple and steal their money and jewelry.

Morocco World News, a local news site, said police were informed that the couple was missing on Wednesday, leading officers to the residence where UV rays were used to find blood traces that the perpetrator had tried to clean.

Members of the family said the two victims had a “heart of gold” and had helped the local Jewish community in Casablanca.