Terror victim missed daughter's wedding

Luba Gadimov wounded in Netanya: "I don't want them to feel that terror stops our life."

Ido Ben Porat ,

Scene of Netanya terror attack
Scene of Netanya terror attack
Assaf Berzinger/MDA

Luba Gadimov who was injured in last Thursday's a terrorist stabbing attack in Netanya, missed her daughter's wedding which was held that same evening.

The bride received many abusive comments over her decision to continue with her wedding as planned. However Gadimov, who is still recovering in the hospital supported her daughter's decision.

Referring to her daughter's wedding she said, "I went to get my hair done so that my daughter would have a beautiful mother at her wedding. She deserved to have a wonderful wedding. Unfortunately, I did not have the strength to attend the wedding. I've waited so many years for this day and I felt bad [not being able to attend]."

Gadimov stressed that the wedding went ahead at her insistence. My daughter "received abusive messages. It is important for me to say that I asked her to continue with the wedding as planned. I did not want [the couple] to feel that terror should stop our life."

In describing the attack to Channel 10's 'Five with Rafi Reshef,' Gadimov said, "At first I felt a blow, I was sure something had fallen on me. Then I saw the hairdresser begin to scream and I realized that he had stabbed me."