9 Israelis rescued from Ramallah

Group of nine Israeli leftists who enter Ramallah intentionally attacked with firebombs and rocks, escape without injury.

Ben Ariel,

Flash 90

A group of nine Israeli leftist activists on Wednesday evening had to be rescued from the Palestinian Arab city of Ramallah, after locals attacked one of their vehicles.

The Israelis reportedly entered the city of their own volition to celebrate the nightly breaking of the Ramadan fast with local Arabs. Locals who noticed them hurled rocks and firebombs at one of their cars, which caught fire.

All nine escaped without injury. Eight of them re-entered Israel through the Qalandiya checkpoint, while the ninth was temporarily questioned by PA security forces before being returned to Israel.

All nine are being questioned by security forces for violating a military order prohibiting entry of Israelis to areas under the control of the Palestinian Authority.

The IDF said that the circumstances under which the nine managed to enter Ramallah are being investigated.