Netanyahu: Ministers knew of Turkey negotiations

Sources close to Netanyahu reject claims that the cabinet was kept in the dark about the reconciliation deal with Turkey.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Bennett and Netanyahu
Bennett and Netanyahu
Marc Israel Sellem/POOL

Sources close to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu today (Tuesday) attacked the claims of Education Minister Naftali Bennett that the cabinet was not informed until last week of the ongoing reconciliation talks with Turkey . 

According to Channel 2,  these sources explained that the members of the security cabinet knew about the talks and the impending deal.

Bennett claims that the cabinet has been reduced to a rubber stamp since the deal was already been signed today. Tomorrow's cabinet meeting will be the first time that the issue is discussed by the government ministers.

In order to fend off complaints that only 90 minutes was allocated for the cabinet's approval of the Turkey deal, the Prime Minister has now decided to begin the cabinet meeting at 8:30 am allowing for a serious discussion.

Currently, Netanyahu does not have the cabinet majority he needs to approve the agreement. Several Likud ministers remain undecided about the deal. Nevertheless, despite the opposition of several ministers, it is expected that the agreement will be ratified tomorrow.