Police: Proof of fraud by former aide to PM

Police have gathered proof that allegedly shows Perah Lerner, former aide to the PM passed on inside information to her husband.

Reut Hadad ,

פרח לרנר
פרח לרנר
Kobi Gideon / Flash90

Police have completed their initial investigation into Perah Lerner, a former close advisor on Knesset affairs to Prime Minister Netanyahu who is suspected of committing fraud, breach of trust and other offenses.

The investigation began in July 2015 at the request of the Government Attorney. She is suspected passing on to her husband internal information that she had access to in her official capacity.

The police have collected evidence and seized a wide range of documents as well as questioning Lerner under caution. Her husband is also under suspicion of helping her in these crimes.

The investigation has concluded that there is enough apparent evidence that Lerner was in breach of trust and passed on inside information to her husband which was beneficial to his business interests.

The police have now passed on their evidence, materials, and alleged proofs to the State Attorney's Office for review and a final decision.