Arab who posed as terminally ill Jew indicted

A Jerusalem Arab has been indicted for extortion and blackmail, after posing as a Jewish woman sick with cancer.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Gavel (illustration)
Gavel (illustration)

Extortion, aggravated fraud, blackmail and obstruction of justice. These are the charges against a Jerusalem Arab named Nader Isawi, 32, as of yesterday. The Jerusalem District Prosecution filed the indictment in the Jerusalem District Court.

The indictment states that for the past 14 months, Isawi engaged in posing as an ill Israeli woman who needs money for cancer treatments. When at least one of his targets began suspecting him and stopped paying, he posed as an underworld "gray market" agent and threatened him.

Isawi, it is alleged, presented himself on several WhatsApp exchanges as a woman named Hadar who needs money for cancer treatments abroad. He occasionally presented himself as Donna, Hadar's "sister," as well as Chezi, Hadar's "brother-in-law," and as a private investigator. Isawi also met with his target on occasion, presenting himself as Chezi and asking to receive the money.

One of the complainants in the case actually paid Isawi several tens of thousands of shekels, but Isawi could not resist and said he needed still more. Some of the complainant's checks bounced, angering Isawi no end. He took on the identity of an underworld debt collector, and threatened the complainant with dire consequences if he does not pay up. This, according to the indictment, cost the complainant more money. It also led to the beginning of the end of Isawi's career as a blackmailer.