Far-left NGO: PA well-poisoning story 'fabricated'

Far-left NGO denies any connection to 'ridiculous' Palestinian Authority-promoted story, claiming rabbi called to poison Arab wells.

Ari Soffer ,

Breaking the Silence
Breaking the Silence
Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

The far-left Breaking the Silence NGO has accused the Palestinian Authority of fabricating a report in its name, which claimed an Israeli rabbi called on "settlers" to poison Palestinian wells.

The report, circulated by senior PA and PLO officials in both the Turkish and Palestinian media, cited a non-existent "Rabbi Mlmed" as being behind the "ruling", and urged international sanctions against Israel in response - echoing classic anti-Semitic blood libels.

And the PA's web of lies continues to untangle. While the alleged statement in question has now been thoroughly debunked as false, it appears that the Palestinian Authority foreign ministry is the sole source of the fabrication.

In its statement, the PA cited Breaking the Silence - which regularly circulates unsubstantiated allegations against IDF soldiers - as the source of the story. It even names BtS activist Yehuda Shaul as its source.

But responding to a query from Arutz Sheva, Shaul denied any connection to the story, which he branded "ridiculous."

"This claim is indeed entirely false and fabricated," he said. "Breaking the Silence has no knowledge whatsoever of this ridiculous source nor are we involved in any way shape or form."