Israeli NGO encouraging UK to leave EU

Regavim, which monitors illegal Arab construction and EU funding for land grabs, campaigns in favor of Brexit.

David Rosenberg ,

Brexit campaign ads ahead of referendum
Brexit campaign ads ahead of referendum

An Israeli NGO opposed to European Union financial support for illegal land grabs inside of Israel is calling on British expatriates living in Israel and British Zionists to support the proposed ‘Brexit’ and vote “leave” in this week’s referendum on membership within the central European government.

The vote, which is slated to take place this Thursday, will determine whether the UK remains a member state in the European Union, or whether a Brexit – a British exit from the EU – takes place.

Regavim, a watchdog group which monitors illegal construction in the Arab sector, has encouraged British citizens living in Israel and friends of the Jewish state living in the UK to vote in favor of the Brexit, and end their country’s affiliation with the EU.

The “Support Israel – Leave Europe” campaign has targeted thousands of British citizens in Israel with an online marketing campaign aimed at convincing those still on the fence that a Brexit would be a boon for Israel.

The Regavim campaign highlights EU efforts to label Jewish products from Judea and Samaria and aid for the Palestinian Authority, saying that much of the money ends up being funneled to terrorists and their families. The website

The “Support Israel - Leave Europe” website also cites reports of EU-funded villages sprouting up in strategically sensitive areas in Judea and Samaria in recent years.

 “Anyone who supports Israel must vote 'leave' on June 23rd,” said Regavim international director Josh Hasten. “It is imperative that people understand the magnitude of the European Union’s aggressive and destructive policies towards Israel. The European Union’s budget will be greatly reduced after the UK leaves Europe, meaning they will have considerably less money to harm the Jewish State”.

Polling ahead of the referendum indicates a close race, with the NC Politics UK average of polls showing 46% in favor of “leave”, versus 44% supporting the “remain” campaign.

Following the recent murder of a Labour MP, however, polls have shifted towards the “remain” camp.

While NC Politics UK estimated that there was a 42% chance of a Brexit prior to the shooting, following polling conducted after the murder, that figure has fallen to 37%.