Bibi’s household expenses – 2 million shekels

The Movement for Freedom of Information reveal invoices exposing the prime minister’s household expenses in 2014.

Artuz Sheva Staff ,

Binyamin and Sarah Netanyahu
Binyamin and Sarah Netanyahu
Kobi Gideon/GPO

Following a petition filed by the Movement for Freedom of Information, invoices revealed that the Prime Minister’s Residence cost Israeli taxpayers a total of 1,965,373 shekels (508,199 UDS) in 2014.

The figures, pertaining to Netanyahu's official residence and two private houses in Jerusalem and Caesarea, mark a decline of about half a million shekels from the previous year.

The invoices mainly account for ongoing bills – including electricity, water, food, cleaning, gas, heating and landscaping.

This was the first time that Netanyahu willingly shared his household’s invoices, despite the fact that previous expenses had been published.

The Prime Minister clarified that invoices which may compromise the privacy of his family – about 175 in total – will not be published.

"There is nothing new here. The data was published last year and all payments were made in accordance to the rules which apply to all heads of government. The attempt to create special standards for Prime Minister Netanyahu is inherently wrong," read a statement issued by Netanyahu’s office.

"One of the benefits of freedom of information is the ability to examine the boundaries between the visible and the hidden,” said Attorney Nirit Blair, director of the Movement for Freedom of Information.

“When you talk about the use of public funds for personal expenses there is a clear boundary. Personal, private and invoices which Netanyahu does not want to submit should not be paid for from public funds. What the public pays, must always be subjected to public scrutiny,” said Blair.