Rock attacks from Hawara continue unabated

Arabs strike another Jewish driver with rocks, leaving her lightly injured. Local residents demand government take action.

Uzi Baruch,

Rock attack
Rock attack
Amichai Lior

A woman from Yitzhar was lightly injured Wednesday morning, after Arabs from the Samaria village of Hawara threw rocks at her car. The vehicle also suffered damaged.

The victim was treated at the scene, and IDF forces are searching Hawara for the perpetrators.

Over the past couple of days, there have been three other incidents of rock-throwing from Hawara towards Israeli vehicles. Two men were also lightly wounded and their vehicles damaged.

"This is intolerable and must be stopped immediately," says a Yitzhar resident. "We appreciate the Samaria Brigade's efforts and operational activities regarding the matter, but the rock throwing continues almost unchecked as part of a continued effort to murder Jews. The IDF must immediately impose a curfew on the village after all of these incidents."

Last year, the Prime Minister, Transport Minister, Finance Minister and Defense Minister, along with the community heads in Judea and Samaria, put together a plan to build a bypass road around Hawara.

The new road is expected to help the many Jews who are forced to travel inside of the village to get home. However, business owners in Hawara fear that it would leave them without any customs and would harm the village's economic development, as local Arabs would also want to travel on the road.

Credit: Amichai Lior