Palestinians furious at Israeli achievement in UN

Palestinian ambassador to UN: We worked hard to prevent it but failed.

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Danny Danon
Danny Danon
Israel UN Mission

Palestinians are furious over Israel's rare achievement of being chosen to head a United Nations committee.

Palestinian ambassador to the UN Riyad Mansour held a press conference on Monday night, in which he claimed that "The Arab countries tried to prevent the Israeli representative's election, because it does not sound reasonable that a country in violation of the law should head a legal committee.

"Israel's stance is becoming more extreme every day, and it is turning its back towards any peace initiatives. Its goal is to expand the settlements and to provoke the international community," he added.

After numerous months of behind-the-scenes diplomatic struggles, Israeli ambassador to the UN Danny Danon was chosen to head the United Nation's legal committee, which deals with sensitive issues such as the global war on terror.

This is an historic achievement and the first time Israel has headed a permanent UN committee since joining the organization in 1949.

The Judiciary Committee (also known as the Sixth Committee), focuses on the most sensitive international legal issues that arise, including the Geneva Convention's supplementary agreements and international terror. One of the first topics Danon will have to deal with is an effort to formulate an international convention to fight terror.