'BDS supporters are modern Nazis'

Communication, strategy consultant tells students that they should fight BDS by loudly comparing its supporters to Nazis.

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Nitsan Keidar ,

Roni Rimon
Roni Rimon
Nitsan Keidar

Last week, communication and strategy consultant Roni Rimon attended a conference focused on fighting BDS, which was organized by Israeli ambassador to the UN Danny Danon. While there, he guided groups of students in how to oppose the phenomenon.

"We need to actively go after members of BDS," he told Arutz Sheva, adding: "We need to fight against them and any group, university or company that boycotts Israel. We need to denounce them, expose them and shame them."

He explained that anyone who gives in to BDS should be revealed as someone who wants to destroy Jews around the world.

Modern Nazis

Rimon also supports taking extreme steps in the fight. "I think that the comparison between BDS and Nazism doesn't need to be limited to lectures. I think that we -- the State of Israel and Jews around the world -- should simply label anyone who supports BDS as modern Nazis.

"That way any manager in a factory or company or supermarket chain who boycotts Israel because of BDS would know that he will be called a modern Nazi. I think a large number of people would not be too happy with that.

"I think that this is part of the transition from defense to attack," Rimon explained. "We simply need to compare these people to Nazis - because they have effectively revived the theory of race, which calls for destroying the Jews only because they are Jews."

Rimon emphasized that "The rest is merely pretty words that are designed to hide this truth. This is the fact that must be shown and we must hound the people and compare them, clearly and without shame, to the Nazis of 70 and 80 years ago."