Lod: Police apathy to Arab attacks on Jewish women

Resident reveals police closed case even after she identified Arab who spat on her, in a growing epidemic against backdrop of racist rape.

Benny Tocker ,

Lod (file)
Lod (file)
Arutz Sheva

Dorit Sherman, a resident of the mixed Jewish and Arab city of Lod, was walking on the streets of her city several months ago when two Arab youths rode past her on bicycles and spat on her.

Sherman told Arutz Sheva on Friday about the shocking incident, and the even more shocking lack of enforcement by the police against the hate crime.

"I was paralyzed by fear, I went home and then I started to digest what happened and I turned to the police," she recalled.

"I submitted a complaint to the Lod police, they took the details down and held a suspect line-up for me, where I succeeded in picking out one of the attackers, and they told me they would take care of it."

However, just this week Sherman received a letter from the police informing her that there isn't enough evidence to stand the Arab youths on trial, and therefore the case was being closed.

"I don't understand what we have police for, after all there are security cameras there, you can see it all," Sherman emphasized. "I also identified one of the attackers - an Arab youth known (to police) from Lod."

Sherman revealed that Jewish women are regularly spat on by Arabs on the streets of the coastal region city in a shocking epidemic.

"This week my friend was walking along the promenade and youths spat on her face, I think that the police need to respond. It's true that the atmosphere is a lot better today, the security situation is better, but I expect that the police will deal with every complaint."

The Israeli police chose not to respond to Arutz Sheva regarding the incident.

Making the police decision not to press the case all the more questionable is the recent shocking rape committed by three Arab assailants for "nationalistic motives. The attackers brutally raped a 20-year-old mentally delayed Jewish woman in southern Tel Aviv two weeks ago, during which they spat and urinated on their victim while hurling racist slurs.

Police covered up the case until ten days after two of the rapists were arrested, and since the story broke there has been a deafening silence from politicians and alleged human rights organizations.