Vizhnitz hassidic court mourns passing of Rabbi

The Vizhnitz hassidic court mourns the passing of Rabbi Gavriel Tzvi Klein who died of an illness at the age of 64.

Shoshana Miskin ,

Vizhnitz Hassidim (file)
Vizhnitz Hassidim (file)
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Adherents of the Vizhnitz hassidic court are in mourning after the passing of Rabbi Gavriel Tzvi Klein of Jerusalem who died on Sunday after battling an illness at the age of 64, according to Kikar Hashabbat.

Rabbi Klein was a predominant figure among the Vizhnitz hassidic dynasty and last year he was blessed with his seventeenth child.

A few months ago, Rabbi Klein collapsed in his beit midrash (Jewish study hall) and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition where doctors fought for his life.

The funeral procession will begin Sunday, making its way from the Kiryat Vizhnitz neighborhood in Bnei Brak and heading to Jerusalem’s Har Hamenuchot cemetery adjacent to the neighborhood of Givat Shaul.