Herzl Day poll: Zionist vision isn't complete yet

Surprising findings released on Herzl's 156th birthday, Arutz Sheva goes to find out where modern Zionism is at.

Eliran Baruch,

Herzl Day event
Herzl Day event
Eliran Baruch

Surprising results of a poll on Zionism were revealed during an event for Herzl Day on Wednesday, celebrating 156 years since the birthday of the pioneer of modern Zionism, Theodor Herzl - Arutz Sheva was on hand at Har Herzl in Jerusalem to learn more.

Shlomit Satler, the educational director of the Herzl Center, told Arutz Sheva that over 700 people took part in the event focusing on Herzl's vision and legacy.

She noted that this type of extracurricular activity outside the classroom can have much greater impact on students, who came to learn more about who Herzl was and "what we can still do today" in carrying on the legacy of modern Zionism.

In time for Herzl's 156th birthday, the Herzl Center released the results of a poll which found that while an overwhelming majority of Israeli Jews define themselves as Zionists, a 61% majority reason that Herzl's vision has not yet been realized.

The poll, conducted at the start of the month among 503 Israeli Jews by Midgam Project under the supervision of Prof. Camil Fuchs, showed interesting changes in the self-perceptions of Zionism.

Participants were asked to rate themselves on a scale of one to ten in terms of their Zionism, with 51% defining themselves as "very Zionist" (nine or ten), and only 11% defining themselves as not Zionist (marks of one to four).

A large majority of 82% said that the Zionist idea is still relevant even after the state of Israel has already been founded, indicating an understanding of the ongoing efforts still needed to defend and expand upon Israel's nature as a country for the Jews.

When asked if they think "Herzl's vision of a state for the Jewish people has been realized in the state of Israel as it is today," respondents overwhelmingly indicated that Israel still has a way to go before truly becoming worth of the title "the Jewish state."

Only a minority of 24% said that Herzl's vision has already been realized, whereas a 61% majority said the vision has only been partially realized, and 9% responded that it has not been realized yet.

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