Three Israelis die in crashes abroad on same day

Shortly after mother and daughter die in Switzerland car crash, Israeli in his 20s dies on Colombian island in the Caribbean.

Nitsan Keidar ,

San Andrés, Colombia in the Caribbean
San Andrés, Colombia in the Caribbean

The same day that an Israeli mother and daughter died in a car crash in Switzerland, another Israeli died on Tuesday in a traffic accident on an island belonging to Colombia in South America.

The incident took place on Colombia's San Andrés, a popular tourist island located in the Caribbean off the eastern coast of Nicaragua.

Israel's Foreign Ministry on Wednesday issued a statement revealing that San Andrés police reported late Tuesday "about an Israeli citizen who was wounded in a car crash and whose death was pronounced at the hospital."

"The Israeli was traveling on the island with his friends and was aged in his 20s at the time of his death," continued the statement.

The tourist's family was informed of the tragic news on Wednesday morning, and the Israeli consul in the Colombian capital of Bogota is working to bring the body of the traveler back home for burial.

"Even while dealing with the tragic story of the death of the mother and her daughter in Switzerland, we received the sad announcement about the Israeli youth in Colombia - tonight was particularly sad and difficult," said Yael Ziv, of the Foreign Ministry's department for Israelis abroad.

In the Swiss accident, a mother and daughter died in a car crash while traveling in a rental car from Milano into southern Switzerland. The crash took place in the town of Quinto.