Radical haredi group protests Memorial Day

Neturei Karta protest in Jerusalem against Memorial Day smears haredi soldiers as 'casualties' of spiritual war.

Haim Lev ,

Neturei Karta
Neturei Karta
Shlomi Cohen/Flash90

A group of demonstrators aligned with the anti-Zionist Neturei Karta movement protested on Wednesday in Jerusalem against Israeli Memorial Day (Yom HaZikaron), which commemorates fallen soldiers and those killed by terrorists since the founding of Israel.

During the memorial siren on Wednesday morning, the demonstrators marched through the Kikar Shabbat intersection in the predominantly haredi neighborhood of Meah Shearim. The protesters carried signs against the State of Israel and the IDF.

Police quickly arrived on the scene to disperse the protesters. The police also removed a sign hung over Meah Shearim mocking haredi soldiers as ‘casualties’ of a spiritual war between Zionism and radical elements within the haredi community. Demonstrators cried “Nazis” as police shut down the demonstration and removed the offensive signs.

Neturei Karta flag Shlomi Cohen/ Flash90