Teen Hamas terrorist gives up information

Youth was caught while sneaking into Israel. Under interrogation, tells of training, methods for digging tunnels, Hamas plans for next war.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hamas terrorist summer camp
Hamas terrorist summer camp
Aaed Tayeh/Flash 90

The Israel Security Agency (ISA, also known as the Shin Bet or Shabak) has announced that a young terrorist affiliated with Hamas's military wing was arrested and is now being questioned by authorities.

The suspect, a resident of the Gazan city of Jabalia, crossed the border fence and snuck into Israel about a month ago.

So far, the interrogation has found that he joined Hamas's northern Gaza branch shortly before Operation Protective Edge. He then underwent courses and training for the terror group's military wing, and even carried out extensive military operations, including ambushes and observations against IDF forces, patrols, and digging tunnels.

Most of his training involved various methods of attack including infiltration, entering buildings, explosives and more. This gives significant insight into what Hamas expects in the next major confrontation with Israel.

He gave up extensive information about Hamas's tunnels and their exit points, which are intended to allow fighters to enter Israel. He also spoke of tunnels intended for emergency uses by the Nahba, Hamas's elite unit.

The terrorist also provided specific information about the diggers' work methods, the tools they use and their operating procedures. For example, in order to camouflage their actions, the diggers are not permitted to leave the tunnels wearing work clothes, and are instead required to shower and change inside of the tunnel.

The youth admitted to taking part in placing explosives in and around tunnels, in case IDF forces enter them. He even kept bombs in his home.

He acknowledged that the group is still digging tunnels, despite knowing that Israel is tracking its actions. This gives lie to Hamas's persistent claims that it has ceased its tunnel activities.

Prosecutors are expected to file charges against the young terrorist soon.

Several other Hamas members are also currently being interrogated and are providing useful information about Hamas's actions and methods. Among them is another member of the Islamist groups's military wing who was also heavily involved in building terror tunnels.