Sanders awarded more delegates in Washington state

Democratic presidential candidate given 49 more delegates in Washington state, though he still trails frontrunner Clinton.

Ben Ariel ,

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was awarded 49 more delegates in Washington state on Saturday, according to district-level breakdown of the state’s primary results.

The Vermont senator won the March 26 primary in a landslide, taking 25 of the 34 delegates awarded on election day, noted The Hill.

The rest of the state’s 101 delegates are awarded according to results from congressional districts, which had not been determined until Saturday.

Frontrunner Hillary Clinton picked up 18 of the remaining district-level delegates, to go with the nine delegates she won on election day.

However, the newly awarded delegates will not give Sanders much of a boost, as he still needs to win 66 percent of the remaining pledged delegates in the primary, a figure that polling in upcoming states indicates will be hard to reach.

Clinton entered Saturday with 1,683 pledged delegates, to 1,362 for Sanders, according to the Associated Press.

Aides to Sanders, the Independent senator from Vermont, said before a recent round of primaries that there could be a need for a “reassessment” of the campaign should Clinton perform well in those contests.

After Clinton indeed won four of five primaries, Sanders released a statement in which he in effect acknowledged that Clinton is the likely candidate while remaining in the race to influence the shape of the Democratic Party in years to come.