Who funds group 'driving a wedge' between US Jews?

NGO Monitor report reveals the well-hidden sources of funds for JVP, a divisive group 'demonizing Israel.' Who foots their bill?

Ari Yashar ,


A new report released Monday reveals the widespread funding behind Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), a divisive group whose stated objectives include "creating a wedge" among American Jews regarding their support for Israel.

The new report by the Jerusalem based research institute NGO Monitor exposes the foundations, trusts and other private groups backing JVP, even as the divisive NGO refuses to publicize the sources of its funding. The full report can be viewed here.

NGO Monitor analyzed financial information on public IRS documents, as well as independent research into individual foundations so as to map out the funders of JVP.

The research exposed the sources of most of JVP's budget, which stood of $1.4 million in 2014, although some origins of the budget remain secret.

"JVP's funders enable a variety of publicity stunts and counterproductive campaigns, with the goal of provoking the American Jewish community, immorally demonizing Israel, and shielding BDS groups from criticism," said NGO Monitor president Professor Gerald Steinberg.

"While some of JVP's donors clearly know what they are supporting, others, it appears, do not understand the damaging impact of their donations."

The largest donors include the Rockefeller Brothers Fund ($140,000 in 2015) and the Firedoll Foundation ($25,000 in 2014), according to the research. Several public charities also shelled out huge amounts to JVC, including the Schwab Charitable Foundation ($158,800 in 2014) and the Tides Foundation ($49,477 in 2014).

NGO Monitor reveals that several of the donor groups have a past in supporting NGOs that lead the political warfare against the Jewish state.

Back in 2015, Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF) gave $50,000 to American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), as well as $100,000 for two years to the Middle East Policy Network (Al-Shabaka) and $50,000 to Grassroots Jerusalem. All three of the groups promote BDS campaigns seeking to economically attack Israel.

RBF also funds Zochrot, and in 2015 gave $20,000 to the Israeli NGO which openly calls for a "de-Zionized" one-state formulate, essentially calling for the destruction of the Jewish state.

"NGO Monitor's report is a vital new resource, necessary to counter the absence of transparency in NGO funding and to expose the enablers of JVP's immoral activities," said Steinberg.