Shock as bus driver calls haredim ‘beasts’

Haredi and secular passengers alike were shocked to hear the driver shamelessly insulting haredi commuters on a Dan bus.

Shoshana Miskin ,

Dan Bus Company
Dan Bus Company
Photo: Yossi Zeliger/Flash 90

Passengers riding on the 45 line of Dan Bus Company last week were shocked to hear the driver referring to haredi commuters as “beasts.”

According to Kikar Hashabat, upon reaching a bus station on the Tel Aviv to Bnei Brak route, the driver loudly exclaimed that he now "had to stop for these beasts on the road.”

Passengers claimed that after the hardei commuters boarded the bus, the driver began to speak to them in a negative and harsh manner. Secular passengers reportedly intervened and expressed their shock at the remarks.

One haredi passenger who witnessed the ordeal told Kikar Hashabat that he “sas very hurt and did not even dare confront the driver due to shame. I saw some secular passengers protest the driver, I cannot believe that in our country a public transport driver can behave in such a way and shamelessly insult an entire community.”

Some travelers said that they plan to approach the Ministry of Transport and Dan Bus Co. as they are considering filing a lawsuit against the driver and the company.

The driver tried to rationalize his behavior and explained that the remarks were made towards passengers who were standing on the road.

A statement from the Dan Bus Co. read: "We condemn any expression of blatant and improper expression towards any persons, and certainly from a driver who is a service provider. We have no intention of ignoring such behavior. The driver will be summoned to a disciplinary hearing until the ordeal is over. Dan has the utmost respect and appreciation to the haredi community which is devoted and loyal to our company."