Terror couple foiled in northern Jerusalem

Male and female terrorist launch knife attack at Kalandiya checkpoint before being shot dead by alert officers.

Ari Yashar ,

Stabbing attempt at Kalandiya checkpoint
Stabbing attempt at Kalandiya checkpoint
Hezki Baruch

A stabbing attempt took place on Wednesday at the Kalandiya checkpoint in northern Jerusalem.

Two Arab terrorists, one male and one female, launched the attack before being shot dead.

The knife-wielding terrorists tried to stab the Border Police officers stationed at the checkpoint, but did not manage to inflict any wounds before being subdued.

As the armed Arabs approached, the officers repeatedly called for them to stop, but the terrorists continued to rapidly advance even threw a knife at the officers, at which point the forces opened fire.

Kalandiya is located in the northeast of the capital, and is partially within the city limits of Jerusalem.

While there were warnings of plans for terror attacks over the intermediary days of Passover, the holiday has so far passed in relative quiet.

That stability is thanks to massive deployment by security forces, who have foiled numerous attack attempts during the holiday.