Tel Aviv, Palestine?

Israeli activist reveals a package sent by company in Germany to 'Tel Aviv, Palestinian Territory,' comments: 'Europe is on psychedelics.'

Ari Yashar ,

Tel Aviv, Palestine?
Tel Aviv, Palestine?

An Israeli activist on Thursday night exposed on Facebook how a company sent a package from Germany to Tel Aviv, located not in Israel but in "Palestinian Territory" according to the postage.

The Facebook post with a picture of the package was uploaded by Enough is Enough, a page founded by activist Anna Berg who is a Swedish Jew living in Israel.

"According to the company that sent this package from Germany, Tel Aviv is... wait for it... Palestinian. Yes, you heard that right. Europe is lost and on psychedelic drugs apparently. ‪#‎PallywoodHasArrivedInGermany‬," wrote Berg.

Tel Aviv, Palestine? Screenshot/Facebook

Making the mistake all the more ironic is that Tel Aviv was established in 1909 by Jews, becoming the first new Jewish city in the ancient Jewish homeland of Israel, and isn't even beyond the so-called "Green Line."

In her post Berg continued by saying the company that sent the package was a German branch of dbrand, which appears to be a Canadian-based company selling smart phone skins. 

Berg made Aliyah to Israel in April 2014, and currently lives in Tel Aviv where she is active as "a designer, blogger and avid advocate for Israel," according to her page.

She "has been an avid advocate and ambassador for Israel for years, and has, among other things, organised several pro-Israeli rallies and Facebook petitions."