'Disconnect from Gaza completely'

MK and ex-Gaza Belt regional head rejects claims Hamas is 'deterred,' slams govt. for 'not leading' and proposes his own solution.

Hezki Baruch ,

Haim Yellin
Haim Yellin
Eshkol Regional Council Spokesperson

MK Haim Yellin (Yesh Atid), former head of the Eshkol Regional Council located adjacent to Gaza, spoke on Friday morning about the concerns of a fourth Hamas terror war against Israel.

"Hamas as a terrorist organization will never be deterred, and its role is to harm the state of Israel and citizens of the state of Israel," emphasized Yellin, a day after a senior IDF officer claimed Hamas is "deterred."

"They are ready to sacrifice the Gaza Strip for the goal of fighting us. Hamas is organizing and when they have the opportunity to come out from the belly of the earth and abduct soldiers, they will do so," he said, noting on the group's terror tunnels.

The MK condemned the Prime Minister and Defense Minister for their ambiguity in not directly dealing with the tunnel threat.

"The digging of the tunnels is not stopping for a moment, and the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister are maintaining ambiguity. At the end of the Protective Edge war the Prime Minister promised to build a barrier causing the tunnels not to be effective and getting rid of this strategic threat."

Yellin added that "whoever thought that the answer would be another round every two years and then we'll say they're deterred - that doesn't work. They have no value for human life."

"In the meantime, nothing is happening and those paying the price are the citizens. The ones holding the line aren't the IDF, it's the incredible residents who have lived there since the establishment of the state. The IDF is there in order to defend them."

In his comments the former Eshkol regional head also accused the current Israeli leadership of being afraid of actually leading vis-a-vis Gaza.

"We have to manage this security incident while pressuring them with military force to sign on an agreement and giving a diplomatic horizon for both sides."

Detailing his proposal, he continued, "we need to disconnect from Gaza completely, to stop providing them with water and electricity, and build them a seaport in return for disarmament. We are the strong ones and they are the weak ones, the time has come to lead and not to be afraid all the time."