Netanyahu's new PR man accused of sexual assault

Woman accuses David Keyes, who was appointed spokesperson for the Prime Minister only a couple weeks ago, of assault.

Matt Wanderman ,

David Keyes
David Keyes

David Keyes, Prime Minister Binyamn Netanyahu's new spokesperson, has been accused of sexual assault, Army Radio reports.

The accusation came in the form of a Facebook post which was quickly deleted. The author, who was not been named, claimed that the incident took place in Keyes' Manhattan apartment in November 2013.

"This man, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s new spokesperson, is an American who sexually assaults women – am i’m here to tell you this from firsthand experience,” she wrote. “I still remember vividly the night that this happened, and have a record that corroborates it."

She later wrote on Twitter: "In the last few hours two other women have approached me, also saying that they were assaulted. I kept quiet for almost three years, but it seems now is the time to talk - the Israeli Prime Minister's new spokesman is someone who sexually assaulted me, and I am here to tell it first hand."

The Prime Minister's Office rejected the claims as untrue. "I completely deny the charge, there was absolutely no coercion in our encounter," it announced on Keyes' behalf.

Keyes was appointed to be the Prime Minister's foreign media adviser and spokesperson a couple weeks ago. He replaced Mark Regev, who is now the ambassador to London.

The New York Police Department says it has no record of any complaint regarding the alleged incident.